Frequently Asked Questions

What is Export Packing?

Export packing, sometimes referred to as transport packing, is how we describe the packaging and materials used to safely transport cargo to a destination. When discussing export packaging we are talking about the outermost layer of packaging, often a wooden case or crate.

How Does Packing Credit Work?

Banks will provide you with export packing credit up to the value of the goods that you are exporting. This is calculated against the stock of raw materials or completed goods depending on the circumstance.

John Pipe International have been working in this industry for decades and have a dedicated team of account managers who can assist you with any export documentation required to obtain your packing credit. 

How to Generate an Export Packing List

Your export packing list acts as a point of reference for all parties involved in the manufacturing, processing, packing and shipment of your goods. Therefore, it is important that you include key information such as consignee contact information and the volume and weight of each package. Here are all 10 pieces of information that you must include on your export packing list:
1. Date
2. Shipper and exporter contact information
3. Consignee contact information
4. The origin address of cargo
5. The destination address of cargo
6. Total number of packages within this shipment
7. Detailed description of each package
8. Volume and weight of each package
9. Volume and weight of entire shipment
10. Commercial invoice number and shipment

What is the Difference Between Air Cargo and Air Freight?

Air cargo or air freight are interchangeable terms used to describe the shipment of goods by air. Air freight is often the fastest and most reliable mode of transportation for exports. 

John Pipe International have built strong relationships with the largest providers of air freight over 60 years of business. Our team works hard to get your shipment on the next available flight, ensuring it is packed securely and ready for safe transit.

How do I choose the right freight option for my export?

Freight solutions aren’t always decided by you, or by us. It’s decided by the goods and the best available transport. To find out the best freight option for your export, get in touch today.

Pre-Carriage, Carriage and On-Carriage explained

The difference between these three terms must be clearly understood in order for the freight process to run smoothly when it comes to the responsibilities performed by various parties involved at each stage.

What the terms mean:

Pre-Carriage – Any processes happening BEFORE the freight is loaded onto the transporting vessel.
Carriage – Any processes happening while the freight is ON BOARD of the transporting vessel.
On-Carriage – Any processes happening AFTER the container is discharged from the transporting vessel.

What is Export Packing Credit?

Export Packing Credit is a loan given by a bank to aid an exporter during the process of packing, processing or manufacturing of goods prior to shipment. As expected, payment often isn’t received until delivery has been completed so export packing credit can help you get a leg up when it comes to large shipments.

What is Meant by an Export Packing List?

An export packing list is a formal document used by exporters, importers and those working along the chain to monitor the goods within the shipment package. The document provides all relevant parties with an itemised list including important details of all the goods within the packing container. 

Where Can I Download an Export Packing List PDF?

You may prefer to use an export packing list template to ensure you get all the correct details on your shipment documentation. There are many free resources available online including through your local Chamber of Commerce. If you require further help or want to speak to our experienced team you can contact us here.

Is Air Freight more Expensive than Sea Freight?

Air freight is more expensive than sea freight as it is much faster and there is less risk involved. The only time you might notice air freight is cheaper than sea freight is is you have a small shipment, however the difference is likely to be very slight.

My export content is unique, can you package it sufficiently?

We offer tailor-made packing solutions, carefully designed and constructed to uniquely fit your requirements and specifications. From the structural design of the crate, to the materials used both inside and out to efficiently package your export – you can rely on us to get your goods from A to B, safely.

What is case making?

It is the ultimate protection. When it comes to your goods, our aim is to make export packing and freight forwarding as simple as possible, so we offer all of the services you’ll need under one roof. To find and create a bespoke wooden case for your export, click here to get in touch.

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