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Delve into the world of freight, logistics, and export packing with John Pipe International! Our blog is your gateway to gain valuable insights, industry updates, and expert advice in the ever-evolving landscape of international freight services. Whether you’re a seasoned exporter or just stepping into the world of logistics, our array of articles is crafted to enlighten and guide you through the intricate terrains of freight services, offering a wealth of knowledge straight from our six decades of experience. So, embark on this journey of learning and discovery with us, and let’s navigate the exciting world of logistics together!

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For sixty years, John Pipe International have been a diligent provider of export services. Based in the South of England, we are fully equipped to handle your export packing and freight needs. Whether you’re shipping overseas or packing dangerous items, our team are on hand to assist with the logistics of your project. With our MPAS certification, we are happy to assist with military and defence exports.