Defence and Aerospace Packing: Bespoke solutions and need-to-knows

Defence and Aerospace packing

When it comes to defence and aerospace packing at John Pipe International, we have more than 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art military packing solutions for the aerospace and defence industry.

So when you choose to trust us to export your goods, you can benefit from a wealth of experience and unique solutions we have to offer when it comes to packing for Defence and Aerospace.


Did you know…

The packing of military spares and equipment was started during the 1970s and has subsequently progressed through the necessary quality approval levels from 0521 through to the latest ISO 9001 2015 and MPAS accreditation – proof that we pack to MoD standard.

With our MPAS design capability approval, John Pipe International regularly handles a variety of Defence and Aerospace packing needs from small polybag packing through to cartons, special contents containers, and static sensitive types.

What is MPAS accreditation?

Administered by the Ministry of Defence, MPAS registration assures that Military Level Packaging design meets the MOD requirements for safe handling, storage, and transportation of your Defence and Aerospace packing . 

John Pipe International are also able to support your US Navy (Mil Std 2073) and Rolls Royce packing needs along with many other particular packing specifications that may be required.


What are the Common Military Packing Levels for Preservation?

Here’s a few of the most common Military packing levels for Defence and Aerospace packing, in accordance with the Ministry of Defence Standard 81-41:

  • Level J – Provides protection under the extreme climatic conditions for a period of two years.
  • Level N – Provides worldwide protection in covered, frost free buildings for up to five years.
  • Level  P – Commercial packaging, up to five years storage in frost free buildings.

How Should Military Defence and Aerospace Goods be Packed?

All defence and aerospace exports should be packed to ensure it reaches its end destination in a serviceable condition.

The choice of packaging materials is at the forefront of bespoke packaging designs at John Pipe International – ensuring adequate physical protection is provided.

Bespoke Design, Tailored to Your Needs.


We provide a bespoke design service to create military containers that are designed for specific requirements to suit the demands of your export and ensure that even the most sensitive components and equipment are adequately protected, so you can trust our team of experts to deliver the right solution for your needs and provide an export packing solution designed to keep your goods safe during transit. The design is called a Services Packaging Instruction Sheet (SPIS).



How Does SPIS Work?

The SPIS will dictate the use of an MoD approved outer container, with specific internal furnishing composed of timber, foam or felt to cushion or secure the contents. Our team will provide your shipping barcode and label your containers.

Military contractors can be afforded a ‘same day service’ with cartons made to specification in-house – so you can enjoy peace of mind while we handle the logistics of your project.

Defence Packing – Tailor-Made Export Packing Solutions for Military Defence.

When it comes to defence packing, it’s not always a straightforward task. 

We’ll project manage your packaging requirements on a case by case basis, ensuring your goods are secure during transit and your export packing meets current legislation.

We’ve got the experience and the relationships in place to get your defence and aerospace export to its destination as efficiently, safely and cost-effectively as possible.

From export packed for immediate use on arrival, to situations where harsh transportation conditions and long-term storage are envisaged – John Pipe International have the expertise and equipment to meet every packing needs and standards.

Aerospace Industry Packing

At John Pipe International, we understand that the aerospace industry has different needs when it comes to packaging solutions.

Safety is of utmost importance in the aerospace industry. Unlike many other industries, in the aerospace industry, there is no room for error. That’s why we design our packing solutions to ensure that your export goods are transported safely from A to B.

Because aerospace export is often dangerous and high value, we take great care when designing your tailor-made packaging solution.

Many of our customers approach packing aerospace parts with the same attitude as Defence Packing – which is why we use the Defence Packing Standards as a benchmark for packing aerospace goods, giving peace of mind to all involved.

With decades of experience behind us, you can rely on our team’s expertise to safely handle a variety of defence and aerospace packing needs, no matter the content.

Need to talk to a member of the team about your defence export packing and shipping? Fill out our contact form for a same day callback.


What special considerations are needed for aerospace packing?

Aerospace packing requires precision and compliance with strict regulations to protect sensitive components from damage, environmental factors, and electrostatic discharge. Materials used must ensure the safety and integrity of aerospace parts during transportation.

What are the key focuses of defence packing?

Defence packing involves secure methods to protect military equipment and supplies. It often requires tamper-proof materials, moisture barriers, and shock-absorbing features to withstand harsh conditions and ensure the equipment arrives ready for deployment.

What should be included in a flight packing checklist?

A flight packing checklist should include essentials like travel documents, personal identification, appropriate clothing, toiletries, medications, and any necessary electronic devices.

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