In The Spotlight: Matteo Monteregge

In The Spotlight: Matteo Monteregge

For the second week of our In The Spotlight Series, we’re interviewing Matteo.

What’s your role at John Pipe – and what does it involve?

I work in Packing/Sawshop.

My job involves cutting and building cases to pack items in – also, packing items in cases for a variety of customers including the MOD. This could also be working off site at customers’ businesses packing for them there. There are also times where we pack containers. The job has so much variety to it.

Before working at John Pipe – what was the most interesting or unusual job you’ve had?

Not had many interesting or unusual jobs but maybe taking blood and doing ECG’s while working as a Health Care Assistant at Bournemouth Hospital

How long have you been working for John Pipe?

I’ve been working for coming up to around 6 months now.

What would you say is your favourite part of the job?

Packing different items especially the MOD items, but overall enjoy all of what i do.

How would you describe John Pipe in 3 words?

Complex, Innovative and Rewarding

What’s the most memorable thing you’ve packed at John Pipe?

I probably can’t say as it’s for the MOD!

What’s a movie quote that you really like?

Leave the gun, take the cannoli – The Godfather

What’s your favourite vacation that you’ve been on?

Greece – Rhodes

What do you like to do for fun outside of work?

Sport – I Love Football and Cricket

If you could go on a road trip with any famous person, who would it be?

I don’t really have anyone I would love to meet but I love cricket and so would choose Freddie Flintoff if

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