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John Pipe International have been providing businesses like yours with export packing services for over 60 years. Our knowledge and experience is what helps us create a tailored solution that keeps your cargo safe from A to B.

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Export Packing and Dispatch Procedures

Safely from A to B.

John Pipe International have worked with businesses of all sizes to deliver an export packing and dispatch service that works for both parties. We understand that your customers matter to you, which is why they matter to us.

You can give us a description of your items over an informal phone call. Using factors such as weight, dimensions and materials, we will provide you with our best recommendations in terms of export packing. We are fully certified with ISO 9001 2015 and MPAS accreditations. This means our standards of packing is in line with UK military or NATO level standard and we can assist with your MOD contracts.

We offer case-making, foil packing and our on-site design service is ideal for specialist situations. Either way, if you want to ensure your cargo gets from A to B safely, John Pipe International is a safe choice.

To find out more about our export packing and dispatch procedures, or to get a quote for packing your goods, get in touch.

All of Your Export Packing Needs.

Packaging without the one-size-fits-all approach.

John Pipe International regularly handles a variety of packing needs from small polybag packing through to cartons, special contents containers, and static sensitive types. We design and build cases suitable for transporting any type of cargo. Our experts are ready to talk to you about a packaging solution that meets your needs.

We understand that safety is your top priority. Our team will design the more appropriate packing for your goods, making use of our full range of tools and packaging equipment. The best way to prevent damage to your goods is to ensure it is packed appropriately for the mode of transport, type of goods and weight and volume of the cargo. We offer custom case-making, foil wrapping and a wide range of extras for any specialist freight requirements.

There is no need to worry when it comes to your export packing, we’ve got you covered. We offer full project management of your logistics, a solution tailored to your budget or a specialist freight packaging design. 

There’s nothing we can’t do to meet your export packing requirement, get in touch to discuss your unique solution.

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Your exporting needs are not the same as everyone else’s. Let’s work together to tailor an air feighting solution that works for you.

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Foil-Wrapping and Case-Making

Keeping your cargo safe.

We have the facilities to provide foil-wrapping in both of our premises. Aluminium foil-wrapping is the best way to protect your export from the elements, as it doesn’t allow moisture to enter the packaging. A small amount of air will be removed, lowering the ambient moisture and reducing the bulk of the goods.

The outer layer of packaging is what keeps your goods secure, even on bumpy roads and long journeys. While there are many options out there, we believe wooden cases are the best solution. We have the facilities to build cases in both our Dorset and Hampshire premises. 

Our team are happy to discuss your export packing needs. Get in touch or fill out our contact form for a same day callback.

Why You Need An Export Packing Company

Peace of mind guarantee.

Hiring an export packing company to manage your packaging, freight and documentation is the easiest way to get peace of mind when it comes to your logistics. With decades of experience, you can rely on John Pipe International to carefully package your shipment ready for transport. 

Not many export packing companies have as much experience managing different projects as John Pipe International. With our unique solutions tailored to your specific industry, you’re guaranteed to find the right service.

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Your exporting needs are not the same as everyone else’s. Let’s work together to tailor an air feighting solution that works for you.