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Case Making

John Pipe International have been building wooden cases for your exports for over 60 years. We have two large premises that are fully-equipped to deal with all of your export packing needs.

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What is Case Making?

The Ultimate Protection.

When it comes to shipping your goods, you can never be too careful. Our aim is to making export packing and freight forwarding as simple as possible, so we offer all of the services you’ll need under one roof.

To protect your export, we build bespoke wooden cases for transport. We offer 10 different styled cases, designed to suit the requirements of your cargo and mode of transport. While we recommend our case-making service to all our customers, it becomes essential if you are transporting high-value or heavy goods.

While foil-wrapping is a fantastic way to prevent moisture getting to your goods, an exterior packing solution offers a further defence against the elements. Our cases ensure your export arrives at its destination safely. 

To find a bespoke wooden case for your export, get in touch.

Tailor-Made Export Packing Solutions

We Know You’re not all the Same.

We have worked with hundreds of different businesses. Sometimes these are small, independent companies that are sending their first international order. Other times these are global brands looking to launch a product worldwide. 

We understand that your needs will change and we’re ready to help you. From small, lightweight exports that you are in a hurry to ship to larger MOD or aerospace exports that require extra details – we get it. We are fully accredited with MPAS certifications so we can assist with the packing and labelling of your goods to a UK military or NATO level standard. John Pipe International also have the facilities to create military approved barcodes, a requirement of military export packing. These are all things we take into consideration when designing and building your wooden cases.

That’s why our packing service isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Our case making services allow you to choose from 10 designs, each tailored to your product and budget. Every wooden case is made-to-measure, expertly designed for your shipment. While we never take a risk with safety, we’ll always be on hand to give advice about the best solution for your business.

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Your exporting needs are not the same as everyone else’s. Let’s work together to tailor an air feighting solution that works for you.

Case Making Service ISO Certified Export Packing Company

Constantly Improving Cost and Efficiency

More Bang for Your Buck.

For over 60 years, John Pipe International have been developing our case making service to bring you the most efficient packaging solutions at the best price. Safety is our number one concern, but we have created economic solutions to help you transport your goods.

Our ‘Rib’ style crates are the most popular among our clients. They are great for lighter weight goods, or can have the sides nailed on after construction for added safety. These cases are also lined with a water-resistant paper for added protection.

We also offer a skeletal case design which is more economic and offers physical handling protection. These crates are ideal for lightweight cargo. To find out what style or design would be best for your goods, speak to a member of the team.

Case Making in the UK

60 Years of Community Spirit.

John Pipe International started offering our export packing and freight forwarding services over 60 years ago and we’ve helped hundreds of businesses deliver their goods. From startups and independently run companies to global brands, John Pipe International are here for you.

With a full range of case making solutions, you can trust us to deliver your export safely and securely. We’re based on the southern coast of England, with premises in Dorset and Hampshire. Our team are happy to travel to you to take measurements of any goods so we can start case making. This prevents you from having to transport any goods before they are safely packed and ready to go.

Our location gives us a great connection to the largest ports in the UK – Poole Harbour and Southampton Harbour. We’ve also got fantastic relationships with the leading air freight providers and expert knowledge of routes and land freight solutions.

While our friendly, knowledgeable team will provide you with the right solution for your business, it’s the years of experience and relationships that we’ve built that offer true value.

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Your exporting needs are not the same as everyone else’s. Let’s work together to tailor an air feighting solution that works for you.