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Aluminium Foil Packing

John Pipe International have aluminium foil sealing tools available on-site in our Poole and Chandlers Ford premises. Ensure your goods get from A to B safely by taking advantage of foil packaging.

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Prevent Cargo Corrosion with Aluminium Foil Packaging

Export Packing, Safety First.

John Pipe International have over 60 years experience providing export packing and freight services. We’ve worked with blue chip companies as well as startups, SMEs and local businesses.

We make it our responsibility to ensure your export gets from A to B safely. That’s why equipment is commonly foil-wrapped, with desiccant added before the final seal. Finally, some air is extracted, lowering the ambient moisture and reducing the size of the bulk. Once wrapped, we measure your cargo and build a custom wooden case for safe transit. You can bring your items to us or arrange a time for us to come to you to take measurements and design a suitable packing solution for your exports.

Whether you choose land, air or sea freight, aluminium foil packaging is the best way to prevent corrosion and move your cargo safely. Speak to our team about our packing solutions.

Foil Packing from the UK

Door to door export made easy.

Are you a small business owner preparing for your first international export? Or do you have decades of experience getting cargo from one place to another? Whatever your situation may be, John Pipe International are here to help.

Once you’ve given us information about your items, we can help you choose a solution that meets your needs. We are fully ISO 9001 2015 certified, ensuring the quality of our export packing is up to industry standards. Foil wrapping is the best way to prevent corrosion, as it allows for less ambient air and a tighter packing of your goods.

Based on the south coast of the UK, our Poole and Chandlers’ Ford warehouses are fully-equipped to foil-wrap items of any size or weight. Each item is individually packed by an appropriate method and placed into a suitable case. 

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Your exporting needs are not the same as everyone else’s. Let’s work together to tailor an air feighting solution that works for you.

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Benefits of Aluminium Foil Packaging

Reduce the bulk and keep your export safe.

John Pipe International will individually foil-wrap your items, whatever size or weight, from our premises in Poole or Chandlers’ Ford. This is the best way to prevent cargo corrosion and ensure your goods arrive at their destination safely.

Aluminium foil packing doesn’t allow light, oxygen, moisture or bacteria to contaminate your goods during exportation. That’s why we use it, and why it is extensively used in any kind of cargo transportation.

Furthermore, it can reduce the bulk of your items. After the goods have been wrapped, we extract some of the air before placing it into a suitable case. The size of the case depends on the size of the cargo, therefore, aluminium foil packing can help to reduce overall costs.

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Foil Packing and Other Services

Bespoke design, tailored to your needs.

Whatever you are exporting overseas, we’ve got a solution for you. We have designed packing solutions for start-ups, SMEs and blue chip companies – all of which had very different packaging needs.

While aluminium foil packing is the best way to protect your cargo from corrosion, there may be a need for further protection or a different packing solution. Our team are experts in handling dangerous goods and are qualified to raise and sign your “shippers declaration for dangerous goods” for air freight or “dangerous goods declaration” for sea freight.

We also offer case making on-site, ensuring every customer gets the right size crate for their export. You can trust our experts to deliver the right solution for your business needs and provide an export packing solution designed to keep your goods safe during transit.

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Your exporting needs are not the same as everyone else’s. Let’s work together to tailor an air feighting solution that works for you.